Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Beautiful Paper Bouquet

I adore the look of real flowers, but often three things hold me back from purchasing them...
  1. They're EXPENSIVE! The absolute only place that I'll even consider buying flowers at is our local Farmers Market. The vendors sell amazing bouquets at super affordable prices (like $6 for a massive arrangement).  Actually, that's where I got the flowers for my wedding - about $30 for the whole kit & caboodle! 
  2. I have a black thumb.  Yes, a BLACK thumb.  I tend to kill all the flowers or plants that I'm supposed to be nurturing. The fact that I'm both lazy and forgetful probably play a pivotal role. I always figure why buy something that's not going to last anyway.  Let's face it, even if I did take care of the darn things, flowers don't last longer than a week or so in the vase.
  3. My cats like to eat them.  I own three cats, two of whom are as naughty as can be. They are obsessed with flowers. They'll knock over the vase, spilling water all over.  They'll try to pull the flowers out so they can eat them. Needless to say that even when I get flowers, I have to display them up high and out of the way just so my cats don't attack them.
Which brings me to the reason for today's entry...why buy real flowers when you can create your own out of paper in any colors you want?!  I discovered today that Blitsy has some pretty cool tutorial videos on various projects and one of them is about how to make flowers out of paper! Check out the video below or click here to view it on Blitsy.

When you follow the link, you'll find additional links to all the items you need so that you can purchase them directly on Blitsy.  How cool is that?  Plus, on Blitsy, everything is ALWAYS on sale!

I personally haven't used the technique suggested by the video, but I have used these cool punches by EK Success!  These punches are super easy to use and all you have to do is punch and roll up the paper!  Below is another quick video on how to use these punches.

Blitsy has several of the punches in stock, including the Gerber Daisy, Carnation, and even one that looks like a Succulent!  There are others as well, simply search EK Success Dimensional Flower Punch on Blitsy to see them all!  And, don't forget, you can use a 40% off coupon code to save even more!  This is a project I'll definitely be trying my hand at!  Flowers that I don't need to water or worry about....that's what I need! We hope you've enjoyed this fun paper bouquet idea.  Be sure to check back often to see more posts about all things crafty.  Thanks for stopping and happy crafting!

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