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Stylish Sunnies How-To

I love all things bright and colorful - clothing, shoes, scrapbook paper, home decor, even makeup!  Sometimes it's just fun to play with colors and I think the more colorful, the better.  It just makes me happy! So today I wanted to share a how-to on making some beautiful and colorul knock-off Kate Spade sunglasses. The best part? These glasses are super cheap and pretty darn easy to make.  I don't know about you, but my sunglasses seem to last a season or less, so spending just a couple bucks on a pair of shades sounds like a sweet deal to me!  This tutorial comes to us from the blog over on  Feel free to visit the original post by clicking this link.

Photos from Blitsy Blog
Aren't these glasses gorgeous? Yeah, they should be at $150 per pair (retail cost) for the REAL ones! But let's go ahead and make our own using Dollar Store sunnies and a few other craft supplies.  You can see at the end whether or not this inspired-look is a winning value....

Here's what you'll need:
  1. Acrylic Paint (How-to uses dark purple, light purple and white but feel free to mix things up!)
  2. Clear Nail Polish
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Cheap yet Stylish Sunglasses (These are from the Dollar Tree...$1!!!)
  5. Painters Tape (optional - original blogger used washi tape, but found it didn't work great so ended up free handing the stripes)
STEP 1 - Clean the sunglasses.  You want a clean and dry surface so that the paint sticks well.

STEP 2 - Pick a side to start with. At the joint where the side meets the front of the glasses, start your first stripe.  You can obviously make the stripes whatever sizes you like, but for this how-to, assume the stripe is approximately 1/4 inch wide. Be sure to paint the top and bottom of the side. You may also wish to paint the inside.  (As noted, you can use painters tape to mark the stripes - this is for those of you who are perfectionists! I'm not sure if the painters tape will pull up the acrylic paint as the washi tape did for the original blogger, so if you're using it, please take care and consider this complication.)

Photo from Blitsy Blog
 STEP 3 - After the first stripe is dry (don't worry, it's acrylic paint so it won't take too long!), you can mark your next stripe with painters tape or eyeball it.  This next stripe will be longer, at about 1 inch wide.  This stripe will be light purple (or your choice if altering). 

Photo from Blitsy Blog
Photo from Blitsy Blog

STEP 4 - Leave a little blank space before your next stripe. This next stripe will be about 1/4 inch wide in white.  With the lighter colors (white especially), you may need to apply two coats to get a nice, bright color.  Just be sure to let the paint dry between coats.

Photo from Blitsy Blog

 STEP 5 - Next is a dark purple stripe at about 1 1/4 inches long.  Let dry.

Photo from Blitsy Blog

 STEP 6 - Add a light purple stripe about 1/4 inch wide immediately following.  Let dry.

Photo from Blitsy Blog

STEP 7 - Now you'll leave a longer blank space so that the black of the glasses is visible.  Immediately following, and add a small white stripe.  This stripe is a little smaller than 1/4 inch long.

Photo from Blitsy Blog

 STEP 8 - Next, paint another dark purple one; this one will be about 1 1/8 inches long.  You should still see a bit of the black tip of the glasses showing when done.

Photo from Blitsy Blog

 STEP 9 - Finally, finish up with a small light purple stripe - about 1/8 inches wide.

Photo from Blitsy Blog
STEP 10 - Once all the paint is dry, go back and cover all of it with a coat of clear nail polish. Then, once the first coat of polish dries, add one more coat of polish.  What's this for? To seal in the painted stripes so they're less prone to chipping! Once dry, you can go ahead and complete those same steps on the other side of your sunnies.

Photo from Blitsy Blog
BOOM! In just a short amount of time you've recreated a stylish look for a fraction of the cost.
Go, you!
Photo from Blitsy Blog
Photo from Blitsy Blog
Seriously! How totally adorable are these sunglasses? And now if you forget them at the beach you won't be heartbroken 'cause they only cost you a few dollaroos! This would be a super fun project to do with your daughters, sisters, or friends too.  Ladies night, anyone?!

Top Photo Credit - Kate Spade; from Blitsy Blog
EXTRA STEP - Do you love that little embellishment on the side of the REAL Kate Spade glasses?  You can recreate that too! Check out these Design Dimensions - Mixed Metal nail accents.  Just apply to wet polish and then add a top coat over top!  Or mix things up and instead of a shiny top coat, opt for a Matte Finish clear polish to up the design ante even more!


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