Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Mama Mia! The cutest pizza box card you'll ever see-a!

If you're thinking that you would have no use for a card shaped like a teeny tiny pizza box, you're wrong.  Don't believe me? Just take a look at this totally adorable project created by Down Memory Lane owner, Joanne.

The background story: Creating a pizza box-shaped card probably wouldn't occur to you.  And it didn't to us either! All we knew is that Joanne needed to make a super cute pizza-themed thank you card.  Why pizza? The card would be to thank the hosts for a delicious homemade pizza dinner. Where did we go first to look for ideas? Pinterest, of course! And we saw an example that was just too cute not to recreate.  Thank you to Tanya Bell for whipping up this fun Pizza Party invite and sharing it on Pinterest - you were our inspiration!

Our Inspiration!
Our Final Product!
Using just a couple digital cut files, it was pretty easy to create all the pieces for the box, pizza, toppings, and pizza cutter.  Thank goodness for technology - Silhouette machines rule!  Honestly, the part that took the longest in this creation was gluing it all together.  Some of those toppings were really little!  Joanne decided to customize the top of the box using a traditional pizzaria-ish logo.  How fun is it to add the recipient's name?!  And we found a free font (Grand Staircase) on dafont.com that would work great.  For the green & red half circles, she cut circles on the Silhouette but you could also use a large circle punch.

The supplies used were basically only paper - mostly cardstock, some metallic cardstock for the silver pan & cutter, and a bit of red plaid for the bottom of the box.  (Oh, I guess we did add one silver mini brad in the pizza cutter too.)  Another fun option of for the bottom of the box would be corrugated paper.  We actually intended to do just that, but apparently both of us had donated or given away our paper crimper! See...that's why you NEED to keep all your scrapbooking stuff...you never know when you'll need it again! We did like the plaid, though, since it reminded us of the tablecloth at your neighborhood pizza place.

Here are some close-ups of the sentiment and the pizza itself.  
We just had to be add in this pizza-themed thank you message!  

We'd love to hear you thoughts on this project! Comment below.  We're considering making our own EXCLUSIVE Down Memory Lane version of this card (without the message). Would you be interested in purchasing the "kit version" of this card?  Be sure to let us know!  And for good measure, here's a pic for size perspective....
How cute is this?!  It fits in my hand!
Thanks for visiting today and taking a peek at our newest project!  
Be sure to comment if you'd like to see this as a DML Kit! Happy crafting!!!

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