Thursday, October 22, 2015

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!

Here we go! Another pocket-style scrapbook layout for you! Nothing fancy with this one...I just used the Kit content plus some extra cardstock.  I also modified some of the die-cuts to better fit the pockets and added a fun cut-out using the Silhouette Studio software.

"What Happens in Vegas" Pocket Page

"Las Vegas" Page Kit
Available for Sale on our website.
Travel pages (or even entire vacation albums!) are made to be scrapbooked using pocket-pages. Why? If you're like me, you take lots & lots & lots of photos! And while you can scrapbook all those pages in a traditional manner, deciding on a layout, cropping the photos, and such can take a lot of time.  But with pocket-pages, you have standard sizes (often 4x6 or 4x4) and the layout is done for you! And if straight-up pocket-page scrapbooking isn't for you, you can definitely still use the pages mixed in with your regular pages.  It's really more like the old-fashioned photo albums, but completely photo-safe, and still allows you to express your creativity!

Let's talk about the adjustments I made when creating my Las Vegas pocket-page.
  • I shrunk down the Las Vegas sign die-cuts to fit in a 4x6 pocket.  Of course, depending on the protectors you decide on (based on your photo sizes and orientations), you might have room for the larger sign.  
    • Another option would be cutting it into pieces and including parts in various pockets.  Here's an example of what I mean:
Photo Credit: Me & My Big Ideas Blog - April Orr, Designer
See how the designer spread the large photo over multiple pockets?
You could do this same technique with embellishments, your title, and more! 
  • I created the left-side page accent using Silhouette Studio.  If you have purchased a Silhouette, you received the Studio software and that's all you need! (You can also upgrade to Designer Edition which will give you some more design options.)  I wanted part of the words to cut out of the paper and then the word "Vegas" to placed on top.  Sometimes I just get ideas in my head and even though that detail isn't very noticeable, it's the effect I wanted! To create this die-cut page accent, I found a couple fonts I liked.  Did you know? With the Silhouette, you can use ANY (yes, any) font!  I love checking out all the newest fonts on  There's even an option to preview the font using whatever word you like! I wanted the "Vegas" words to stand out more, so I choose a more playful font.  I didn't want to mess with the insides of the letters (i.e. from the "A" and "P") so I used the Stencil-technique
Pssst...if you're NEW to the Silhouette and need a good resource, be sure to check out the Silhouette School Blog! You can search for different topics or follow her "beginners" guide.  
Lots of good info on that blog!!!
  • And, of course, I inked the edges of all the die-cuts and accents.
And that's it! Pretty straight-forward.  Are you enjoying our tutorials on how to use our kits for other projects? Is there a project you'd like to see? If so, please comment.  Thanks for visiting today and happy crafting!

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